Frequently asked questions

Do you do in-person deliveries?

We usually use a courier to send orders but if you/your recipient lives within Melbourne and you would like to guarantee the arrival, we can offer hand delivery by the Planet Cocoa team. Please get in touch with us for a quote! Pricing ranges between $10-20 depending on the suburb and urgency of your order.

Can you do custom flavours/orders?

If you would like to order our chocolates as a party favour for upcoming events, gifts or have any custom requests please contact us in the form below!

How are you eco-conscious?

We believe that treating yourself shouldn't cost the earth. We have always been mindful of limiting our impact on waste, and we hope our product can spark mindfulness to you and your recipients. -Soy + water based inks used to print -Biodegradable labels made from recycled paper -Recyclable boxes -Plantable seed paper used for Gift tags -Shipping partner Sendle first 100% carbon-neutral delivery by offsetting by supporting projects combatting climate change If you have suggestions of making our business more eco-conscious, get in touch!

How much is shipping/how long will it take?

To get an estimate of shipping to your location please pop in your location in the check out page. Shipping starts at $7.90 (Metro Melbourne)
We send our products via Sendle which is the first 100% carbon-neutral delivery company who offsets emmisions by supporting projects combatting climate change. Due to the unforeseen nature and demand of online shopping, we cannot guarantee the delivery date. When you place your order, we need time to process and produce the item on our end. We aim to have your order ready by the next business day to ship so please take this into consideration when estimating the delivery.

How should I store chocolate?

In a cool, dry area out of the Australian sun below 20 degrees. Chocolate does not belong in the fridge either! Please note if you leave it somewhere where it will have the chance to melt, it may result in your chocolate "blooming". Fat "blooming" is when chocolate has melted and the fat has seperated from the rest of the ingredients. It then crystallises and forms a cloudy/white surface and an unenjoyable texture. Most people associate this as chocolate going "off" but it is the result of the item being incorrectly stored.

How long should I keep your chocolate?

Eat it before someone else does! All products come packaged with a "best before" date. The ganache filled bites are best eaten by 12 days whereas the chocolate blocks will last longer - we recommend consuming it within 30 days. Good luck letting it last that long!

Can I send something as a gift?

Absolutely! Add a plantable gift tag to your order with your personalised message. This is a gift that will keep giving as it will grow either Basil or Daisies! Just make sure you fill out the shipping details correctly so that it is sent to your recipient, and not you.

Is anything you make NOT vegan?

If you came here looking for a yes, we're sorry to disappoint. There are many beautiful chocolate makers that make dairy-containing-chocolate that we can recommend to you. Our mission is to offer the highest quality non-dairy chocolates available. We are working on vegan white & milk chocolates so keep an eye out.

Is your chocolate ethical?

We only use the highest quality of responsibly sourced and fair trade chocolate.

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