Why do we use freeze dried fruits at Planet Cocoa?

Maybe you've seen it or maybe you've tried one of our chocolate blocks that contain freeze dried products. But how is this done or why do we use it over fresh?

Freeze drying is the process of freezing a product at freezing temperatures (-20 and below!) AND at the air pressure reduced similar to outer space. This air pressure 'boils' the water out of the product while it remains frozen, leaving a product of fruit or vegetable that has not been exposed to heat leaving all its nutrients inside and doesn't shrink too much.

Not only do the nutrients stay inside but the flavour is intensified. Fresh fruit just isn't possible to be used in chocolate making (unless in ganaches and soft fillings like our cassis kiss) but freeze dried products have revolutionised the food industry as it allows us to add not only a flavour bomb that stays fresh for 2 years, but a textural, crunchy element to our chocolates.

Our personal favourite is the raspberry encased in 69% dark chocolate but the passionfruit and honeycomb white chocolate block is a close second with a party in the mouth thanks to the freeze dried passionfruit powder.

So, have you tried one of our blocks containing these genius products? Did you have any favourites?

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